Our environment provides us with plenty of resources to be successful, healthy and thriving. It seems as though we have an infinite source of materials, but is it really infinite? While this is the case for some resources like solar energy and wind, other resources like natural gas and fossil fuels are finite. Unfortunately, in turn, they are harmful to the environment that gives us so much. The burning of a material like coal emits dangerous toxins into the atmosphere which contributes to the phenomenon of acid rain. This is just an example, but actions such as these end up having a negative outcome. Earth gives us so much, but we “return the favor” with damage. It seems as though the issue is overwhelming, but there are plenty of simple things that we can do to make an impact not only for us, but for generations to come.

Something that we need to take into consideration is that not only do our actions have an impact on our environment, but our environment has a direct impact on our health. Approximately 75% of Americans believe that environmental issues pose a serious threat to their health. Environmental Health is the idea that our natural environment around us affects our health. Some things that could be harmful are:

  • Exposure to hazardous substances in the air, water, soil, and food
  • Natural and technological disasters
  • Climate change
  • Occupational hazards
  • The built environment

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We at Trilogy work hard to do our part in bettering the environment by switching to digital communication and employee handbooks to cut back on paper waste. As we keep the aspects of Environmental Health in mind, what can we do to give back our environment that will also keep us healthy?

  • Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle!
  • Reduce the amount of vehicle use: Try your best to utilize carpooling or a rideshare app. If applicable, try biking!
  • Conserve water: The less water you use, the less wastewater and runoff will eventually end up in the ocean.
  • Use reusable water bottles and grocery bags whenever possible; disposable plastic bags take 500+ years to decompose!

Here are some ways that fellow Trilogy employees are doing their part:

We recycle, I try to always utilize natural lighting in our home by opening the blinds instead of using electricity, Try to use the outside air and sun for heat/cool instead of the unit, utilize reusable containers instead of plastic or foam containers.

-Tiffany, Paragon Therapy Program Director


Something that I do to help the environment is always keeping reusable grocery bags in my car to avoid accumulating plastic bags at the grocery store. I have also created a habit of carrying my reusable straws with me everywhere I go, in case I want to stop for a Starbucks or a smoothie.

-Vaidehi, Health and Wellness Intern


I was given a Soda Stream water carbonator for my birthday this year, which has cut down on the cans and bottles of flavored sparkling water my family uses. Not only are we drinking more water and less soda and juice, but we’re using less materials and buying less from the grocery store. This water carbonator lets us reduce, which has an even greater impact than recycling!

-Melinda, Wellness Coordinator


I still live in a college town while working for Trilogy remotely. To get out of my apartment, I tend to do my work at a local coffee shop. I used to drive there every time, but now that the weather is better I walk there. That way, I’m doing just a little bit to reduce the amount of air pollution. I also am very conscious of turning off the water when I brush my teeth!

-Jess, Health and Wellness Intern


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