Returning Users: If you have completed a prior LabCorp biometric screening, you may already have an account in e-Health. Visit the e-Health Screenings website and enter the username and password you previously created and click the Submit button. You may need to select “Forgot Password” to reset your password. Once your password is reset, log in using your username and the new password provided via email, click submit. Verify and update your account information as needed. Enter screening key HWS126 and click the Click to Select button. Now Skip to Step 4 below.

First Time Users: Visit the e-Health Screenings website, enter the screening key HWS126 under the NOT YET RESGISTERED? box and click the Submit button.

Verify your account with the default username & password following the example below:

USERNAME: First Initial + Last Initial + DOB (MMDDYYYY) (example: John Smith born 4/23/1975 is JS04231975)

PASSWORD: Last Name + Last 4 SSN (example: John Smith with social 123456789 is Smith6789)

*Username and Password are case sensitive

Enter your address in the Find Labs by Address section and click Find by Address or click Using my Current Location. Select a convenient lab location by clicking Select next to the lab location.

Acknowledge the Health Screening Consent and HIPAA Authorization by scrolling through the verbiage and checking the “I agree” box. Enter first & last name in the Signature section. Click Continue on the right-hand side.

You will receive an email containing your lab form, the selected lab location, and instructions to complete your screening within one hour. If you schedule an appointment in the LabCorp portal, when asked how the visit will be covered, select the option “I have already paid or someone else is responsible”.

Prepare for your visit: Bring a valid photo ID to your appointment and please fast (no food or beverages, except water) for 9 hours before your appointment. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Continue to take any prescription medications. If you are diabetic, please consult your physician before fasting.

*Please allow up to two weeks to see your LabCorp biometric results inside your Virgin Pulse account.

If you have any questions or you do not receive your lab form, please call EHS Customer Service at 888-708-8807, ext. 1, Monday – Friday 7:00am – 6:00pm CST.

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