• Clean and Organize – a clean and organized, clutter free kitchen makes food prep easier and more enjoyable.
    • Keep dirty dishes out of the sink and off the counter – create a new habit of ending the day with this completed
    • Wipe down kitchen surfaces daily to avoid build up and grime
    • Keep the essentials easily accessible; a sharp knife, cutting board, mixing bowl, etc. A bit of rearranging of drawers and cabinets can expedite your meal prep.
  • Check for expiration or elimination – check the pantry, cabinets, fridge, and freezer to be sure you have gotten rid of expired food. Have foods that you won’t use that are still good? Donate them and eliminate clutter.
  • Take Inventory – Make a list of what foods you have on hand by category to help with your meal planning. This is also a useful budget tip to be sure you use what you have and avoid overspending. That frozen bag of broccoli won’t get freezer burnt if you know you have it.
  • Display Menu – Use your fridge, a bulletin board or notebook to write out your meal plans for the week, including a space for your shopping list. This will keep you on track with your nutrition, take the stress out of figuring out what to eat, and keep you on course with your budget.
  • Make the healthy choice the easy choice – Keep fruit and veggies ready to eat within easy sight. When we’re hungry our eyes will look for the first available, and our brain will tell us to go for the choice that requires the least amount of effort. Consider having a few pieces of fruit that you like out on the counter ready to eat. Keep cut and washed veggies in the fridge ready to enjoy at a moment’s notice. Snack size containers or portioned snacks ready to grab out of the pantry like raw nuts or popcorn might also help you stay on track with healthy eating

We spend a lot of our time in the kitchen, as it has been said to be the gathering space of our homes. When we create an environment that is clean, organized, and filled with healthy options that are easy to access, we are more likely to stay on track with making healthy choices. Now go get started on setting up a kitchen that supports your wellness.

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