While play may seem frivolous – or even possibly silly – when we’re adults, it is vital to our wellbeing. UW Health psychologist Shilagh Mirgain, PhD, said play is fun and can trigger the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of wellbeing and can even temporarily relieve pain. This month we have an abundance of ways to play and have fun. We’ll kick off the month with the Tiny Habit survey. Tell us your favorite way to put play in your day and earn 100 points for completing the survey. Maybe you like to do one of the following:

  • Hosting a game night with friends or family
  • Going to an amusement or water park
  • Playing with a pet
  • Crafting or other art projects
  • Playing with children
  • Visiting in a local park
  • Playing a sport

Be sure to keep watch on all the ways to play this month through Virgin Pulse! To help our teams kick off Employee Wellbeing month, campuses will be receiving two sets of Benefits and Being Boost cards. The purpose of these cards is to bring awareness, create connections, support wellbeing, elicit energy and weave healthy actions into our work day. These could be used to open or close a meeting or wherever leaders see fit. New cards will be released each quarter to add to keep content fresh.

Corporate Games

We’re kicking events off in Kentuckiana with the annual Louisville Corporate Games! Our Trilogers will assemble Saturday, June 3 to play on teams and compete one-on-one against players from corporate offices across Louisville. Our superheroes will meet first to kick off the event with our own .2-mile wellness walk to show our support of riders cycling in the T200 later that week, and to recommit to our own health.

T200 Wellness Tour

The T200 Wellness Tour will be rolling through Ohio from June 6-8! Riders from Trilogy and Synchrony – 38 in all – will travel to 12 campus locations around the state for a total of 213.8 miles. The annual event focuses on the importance of overall wellness for our team and serves as our highlight event of the month. Our host campuses will pull out all the stops to welcome riders and share in the fun for both residents and team members. See more about the route our riders will take, and how they feel about our capstone wellness event here!

Check Out Our Month-Long Events

And don’t forget to show us how you’re celebrating! Campuses can share photos, videos and more of their T200 celebrations to their Facebook pages and use the #T20023 to be eligible to win a little extra cash! But don’t forget that hashtag to be considered for the win. The campus post with the most comments and likes during the week of June 5-11 will receive additional money for the next ER3 celebration!

Check out our video from the T200

Virtual T200

There are so many ways for you to get involved, too! Even if your campus isn’t hosting, we’ve got lots of fun, games and prizes ahead, all while committing to our personal health. Registration is now open in Virgin Pulse! In addition to the T200 Wellness Tour, we’ll be hosting the virtual T200 steps challenge on Virgin Pulse to celebrate alongside our riders that same week. The virtual T200 offers five-man teams the chance to compete along with their colleagues June 5-11 in a steps challenge. The first-place team will earn 1,000 points in Virgin Pulse! Other prizes are:

  • Second place, 800 points
  • Third place, 600 points
  • Fourth place, 400 points
  • Fifth place, 200 points

Plus, participants who log an average of 8,000 or more steps each day of the challenge will be entered into a drawing for prizes, including a Garmin Forerunner 245, wireless earbuds or backpack coolers! Better still, you’ll be committing to your personal health. Did you know that increasing your steps to 10,000 per day or just 30 minutes of movement will reduce your risk of Type 2 diabetes and hypertension? There’s a lot of power in just a few steps. Team members must be registered in Virgin Pulse and be prepared to manually log steps or have a connected device. Just follow the prompts in the Challenges section of Virgin Pulse to register or join a team!

Together we do .2

As part of our ongoing effort to show solidarity for our riders in the T200, bring awareness to the components of wellness and enable our team to be at their absolute healthiest and best, we’re also promoting a .2-mile wellness walk! Campuses can incorporate the wellness walk into their ER3s at any point in the month or during the T200 event. Details on how to incorporate can be found in the ER3 Playbook housed in Compass. Team members who participate can also acknowledge their participation in Virgin Pulse and earn 50 points!
Campuses will also be receiving T200 temporary tattoos, inspired by Randy Bufford. These temporary tattoos can be used as a part of June ER3s and while completing the .2-mile wellness walk. Campuses will receive enough tattoos to share with residents so they can join in on the fun as well!

Share your wellbeing journey

Maybe you’re just getting started, or you’re looking for inspiration; regardless of where you are in your journey, we want to see what you’re doing to support your wellbeing.

Wellbeing as defined is a state of being comfortable, healthy or happy. When we think of wellbeing, we think of six dimensions that contribute:

  • Physical – embracing our need for physical activity, healthy foods and sleep.
  • Emotional – coping effectively with life’s challenges, managing stress and building our inner strength.
  • Spiritual – expanding our sense of purpose and meaning in life.
  • Environmental – creating and occupying positive, stimulating environments that support our wellbeing.
  • Social – developing our sense of connection, belonging and well-developed support systems.
  • Intellectual – nurturing our creative abilities and finding ways to expand knowledge and skills.

Join the Employee Wellbeing social group on Virgin Pulse and share your wellbeing testimonial. You can find it by browsing groups in the social tab on VP. We’ll draw for prizes at the end of the month and featuring on our Trilogy Connect employee social media for those who share, so make sure you upload those photos and testimonials! We’ll give away 15 prize packs this month to some of our lucky participants.

Share on social media

Join any of our Trilogy Connect social channels and share your wellbeing wins! Making a healthy snack? Going for a run? Decompressing? Helping in your local Pride event? We want to know. Tag or mention Trilogy_Connect in your posts and stories on Instagram, or Trilogy Connect on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And don’t forget to use the #TrilogyFIT #WhyITrilogy or #TrilogyPride! At the end of the month, we’ll draw for STARS! And don’t forget to help spread a little cheer on Virgin Pulse, too! Team members who submit shoutouts on Virgin Pulse in June will earn double the points!

Men’s Health Month

While we are focused on employee wellbeing all month we also want to draw attention to the men in our workforce and families. June is Men’s Health Month, a national observance used to raise awareness about health care for men and focus on encouraging boys, men, and their families to practice and implement healthy living decisions, such as exercising and eating healthy.

The HHS Office of Minority Health suggests five plays for men to stay at the top of their game:

1. Protect your heart – Healthier food choices build a healthier heart – make fruits and vegetables half of your plate. Visit the nutrition guide on Virgin Pulse for recipe ideas.

2. Be Active – Getting just 30 minutes of exercise each day can help you live longer.

3. Preventive Maintenance – Schedule regular checkups to catch small problems before they become big ones.

4. Just Quit – Quit for Life is a tobacco cessation program to help you quit for good.

5. Think things through with support – Marketplace Chaplains are ready to assist you any time of day.

Learn more about these resources and more by visiting TrilogyFIT.org.

Rewriting stereotypes

Wellness is about more than the physical, it encompasses our social, emotional and mental wellbeing too. That’s why we think it’s so important to focus on these aspects as we continue to build a culture of belonging. So, from June 12-18, we’re promoting a new Healthy Habit Challenge around rewriting stereotypes. Stereotypes are over generalized, untrue beliefs about certain people or things. We might experience stereotypical thoughts every day and not even know it. But we have the power to challenge stereotypes. It just takes a little effort and education — and it’s something we can do every day! Make sure to Virgin Pulse and visit the Challenges section of the app. Respond to the challenge five out of seven days, and comment, and you will be entered into a drawing once the challenge ends. We’ll have 20 overall winners, so make sure you register and participate in Virgin Pulse! Team members will also receive 200 VP points for completing the challenge. Help us rethink and bring awareness to how we frame our thoughts and rewrite those stereotypes!

Employee Wellbeing Scavenger Hunt

We want to make certain that every team member knows just what their benefits and wellness resources are when they begin their career journey with us at Trilogy. And what better way to enable that understanding and reintroduce a little play into your day than a scavenger hunt! We’ll host an employee wellbeing scavenger hunt on Virgin Pulse and in Trilogy University from June 19-25! Clues will include unique locations on the platform that house tools to help our team members in improving their overall wellbeing. Participants will receive a two-question survey each day of the hunt. There are no wrong answers, but team members must complete the surveys to be entered into the daily draw. Surveys will only be active for 24 hours, so don’t forget, and do your best! In addition to the prize drawing entry, participants will earn 100 Virgin Pulse points per survey!

That’s a wrap!

You didn’t think we’d close out Employee Wellbeing Month without a little recap of the fun and recognition, did you? We’ll be looking through the testimonials team members have shared in the Employee Wellbeing social group on Virgin Pulse and drawing for winners the week of June 26! There are 15 prize packs up for grabs, so make sure you take the time to share your stories and photos in the group! We’ll compile the results to feature on our Trilogy Connect employee social media channels! We’ll also be looking for those entries submitted on social media. Share your morning wellness routine, your healthy snacks, your journeys by tagging or mentioning Trilogy_Connect on Instagram or Trilogy Connect on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Share your videos, photos and more, and we’ll choose a testimonial to highlight at the end of the month. The winner will earn 500 STARS!

Phew. That’s a whole lot of fun coming for June! We’ll have plenty more communications around the monthly events too, including Red e App, Questions? The TrilogyFIT team can help!

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