1. Eat and Drink Healthy – choose fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean meats, low-fat dairy, and water most of the time.
  2. Move More, Sit Less Throughout the Day – Being active can help you prevent, delay, and manage
    chronic diseases; improve balance and stamina; reduce risk of falls; and improve brain health.
  3. Don’t Use Tobacco – the first step is to reach out for help.
  4. Get Regular Checkups – Complete your preventive screenings and see your health provider each year to prevent disease and find it early when treatment is more effective.
  5. Know Your Family History – Share your family health history with your health provider, who can help you take steps to prevent or catch diseases early.
  6. Be Aware of Changes in Brain Health – Dementia is not a normal part of aging. See your doctor if you have questions about memory or brain health.

Living these tips daily at any age will support healthy aging and we have so many tools to help you. The Nutrition Guide on Virgin Pulse can support your food choices by providing recipes for any type of eater. Connect a device to Virgin Pulse to see just how active you can be on any given day. Clickotine is ready to aid you in quitting tobacco or nicotine for good. These are just a few ways that you are supported, but there are so many more. Read through the Benefits Guide to be sure that you are taking advantage of all we offer.

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