The National Institute of Mental Health reports that depression is one of the most common mental illnesses in the United States, affecting an estimated 11 million adults. Of these, two thirds do not actively seek nor receive proper treatment, which can result in severe impairments that interfere with or limit their ability to engage in important life activities. We want you to know that at Trilogy it is not just a day or a monthly focus.

We offer a variety of benefits that come at no cost to you and fit a variety of needs. Marketplace Chaplains are available to you and your family members 24/7 to extend care, concern, compassion, and hope. The service is confidential, neutral from the company, voluntary to use, and available to all employees regardless of background. They serve over 380,000 employees from all walks of life related to the commonalities we all share- stress, anxiety, family, relationships, illness, death and grief, crises and emergencies, care of aging parents, work-related issues, etc. so don’t be afraid to reach out.

LiveHealth Online through Anthem is another resource that helps you find the right treatment program that you or a family member might need related to anxiety, depression, drug or alcohol abuse, disordered eating, and many others. You can connect to this resource by visiting, My Health Dashboard, Programs, Emotional Well-being Resources or by phone at 844.792.5141.

Supporting your mental and emotional health is an everyday habit which is why there are a variety of healthy habits on Virgin Pulse that support stress reduction, like listening to calming music, coloring away your stress, or getting outside for a walk in the fresh air. Start tracking any one of these daily healthy habits and see how this effects your mood and energy.

Don’t forget that we also have launched our Employee Resource Groups, including Emotional Wellbeing. You don’t have to identify as a member of the group to join; we want allies and others who are looking to support the goals of these groups! Sign up here:

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